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Financial Management

  • Provide customized monthly financial reports to include, but not limited to a balance sheet, income statement (profit & loss) compared to budget on a monthly and year to date basis, statement of disbursements by general ledger account, aged receivables report noting legal status.
  • Accrual accounting methods to be utilized for all internal accounting controls and financial reports thereby providing more meaningful financial statements. This will result in recognizing not only common charges on a billed basis but also investment interest and other income accruals.
  • Monthly reconciliation of all cash accounts to the bank statements, general ledger and cash statement report.
  • Yearly payment coupons and collection of common charges by utilizing our computerized billing statements expressing previous balances and current charges by category.
  • Prepare all invoices for entry and coding to our system and pay all invoices.
  • Prepare the operating budget of the Association.
  • Administer to the investing of Association funds in Association approved vehicles of investment.

Administrative Management

  • Prepare all communications for the Board of Managers
  • Submit monthly management reports for the board. This report summarizes all activities in specific areas of management - Administration, Financial and Site.
  • Provide 24 hour emergency answering.
  • Attend board meetings when requested. Prepare all announcements, agendas, and meeting packages of information. All agendas, management reports, contracts, bid proposals, and relative correspondence to be provided to the board in advance of the board meeting.
  • Administer to the enforcement of rules and regulations and architectural controls.
  • Interact at the Board's direction with the Association's attorney, auditor, engineer and other professionals, along with municipal officials.

Maintenance Management

  • Routinely handle work orders and service programs with association employees or contractors for projects relating to but not limited to: Landscaping, water and sewer system, sprinkler system, foundation repairs, sidewalks, roadway paving, roofing repairs, and painting.
  • Seek competitive bids and prepare all service specifications for all major service contracts, projects, and purchases of supplies and equipment. Provide and evaluate the bids and offer recommendations.
  • Liaison with professional engineers for the purpose of maintenance repairs and contract specifications.

Personnel Management

  • Employ on behalf of the association its staff, including: Superintendents, porters, and doormen.
  • Cultivate relations with staff.

Insurance Management

  • Provide a comprehensive fidelity bond in the amount of $500,000.00

Transition Management

  • Provide guidance in matters of transition between the developer and unit owners.
  • Implement procedures for the effective transition of management responsibilities and records between management companies.

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